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The Book of Changes is one of the oldest books in the world ...

... which continues to have a huge impact on a variety of fields of philosophy, literature, politics, strategy and in all areas of the arts. But the most important purpose is the opportunity to learn the future and getting the answers on the most difficult questions through the whole life.

According to ancient Chinese legends, this system was created by powerful people who laid all the secrets of the existing universe in special hexagrams. There is an opinion that 64 hexagrams of the Book of Changes represent a description of the whole history of mankind in the form of a graph and if you believe this interpretation, then this story ends in 2012 ...

But no matter how we feel about the many interpretations of the hexagrams of the Book of Changes. One thing is certain – this is a real magic Book, which with minimal diligence can very accurately ...

... show us our future.

Help yourself and find answers to any questions.

I-Ching describes the situation and gives options for its development, depending on the actions that You take or do not take. The Book of Changes is not just a prediction, but a description of possible events that await you in the future.

With the app you will be able to:

Learn your future.
Know the interpretation of hexagrams.
Learn the fate of two people.

The Book of Changes, in addition to the interpretation of the fallen symbol, gives an extended interpretation for the next month.

Get recommendations for further action, advice on how to achieve the implementation of the resulting symbol in the best way or vice versa, how to reduce its impact.